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FE: A gen 1 characters! (all under the cut!)



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sketches from the stream last night~


Girl #16: Arachne!

madhavi makari is the sister of a particular tailor, and has found a profession not dissimilar to his. she makes jewelry. grand, beautiful, gaudy jewelry. she only wears gold, but she loves working with all kinds of gems and stones. she’s much louder and outspoken than her brother and has no qualms invading people’s personal space to inspect them. she’s notorious for going through men like tissues.

likes: gold, chocolate covered crickets, bollywood movies, fall

dislikes: bras, gray hairs, the dullahans, the color orange


please let me tell you about my fe:a high school au

bonus not hs au:


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A couple of M!Morgan quotes (and why they’re so important)


 B-but I know I must have loved you just as much as I loved Mother. I bet we had a million memories together, and the thought of having lost them… I feel like I failed you. Like I… Like I… *sob* [Generic Father Support]

I only realized it once you were gone. Er, once you went demure, I mean. But once it happened, I didn’t know how to tell you without hurting you. And then, when you changed back, I didn’t want to change your mind about why. So I didn’t. I was a coward and I just…hoped everything would work out. [Cynthia Support]

Honestly, I’m one of the weakest guys in camp So if you’ve got any tips for bulking up, I want to know about ‘em! [Kjelle Support]

Apparently! Besides, in times this harsh, every group needs one joker to lighten the mood. I guess I fell into the role and I’ve been having too much fun to stop! [Yarne Support]

 I just… I just don’t want you to change! You’re perfect. Even your fear of bugs is… Well, it’s adorable. Plus this way I get to feel like you have a use for me! [Noire Support]

Dear legion of Male Morgan fans, can we take a moment to appreciate this aspect of your precious son? That he perceives his value of himself by how helpful he is, how useful people will find him? Yes yes, another cute quirk of him, but there’s more to it than that.

No matter how powerful you make him stat-wise, or how widely-respected his mother is, it doesn’t matter because he just doesn’t have that much confidence in himself. Morgan’s humble, endearingly sensitive, and with a heart that’s not as clouded by motherly love that people would like to believe. He calls himself lucky because he doesn’t have the traumas others have, but he never considers it a blessing, only a likely reason for why he “sticks out” compared to the rest of them. If people call him out on his actions, he will quickly accept and admit he was wrong.

What’s even better, this lack of self-confidence doesn’t fuel any twisted or “woobifying” complexes, it drives him to admire and respect his peers. Yes he loves his mother. But he also loves everyone, because he finds value in every single person.

Your precious baby, ladies (and maybe some gents). 

Your. Precious. Flanderized. Unjustly Simplified. Baby.

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Monster Date Problems 46 and 47

Here we see a Jim (Jimoratus Datilicious) in it’s natural habitat with a female Rokurokubi (Japanese Longass Necklious), possibly trying a type of mating ritual.


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make a funny comic with no dialogue they said

it’ll be fuuun they said


i think everyone should subscribe to Mullets Weekly just sayin :U

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so someone in the DMMD tag compared Virus and Trip to Yzma and Kronk aND I JUST

also im currently suffering from artists block which is why this looks like shit also fuck that lion

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okay!! so my bud taylor is makin this monster boy dating sim and i drew my favorite monster boy from it!!

you can vote for which monster boys you wanna date in it here!!

if you dont vote for this babbu ill be so sad

kicks legs in the air sO CUTE. thank you for this + the shout out!!





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Shouko Oozora from Liberation Maiden drawn by Kozaki Yuusuke.

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