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30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Day 7 - Favorite recruitable character

[More screaming]

I jfsdfsfgdf

[I won’t include the non-optional people you can recruit because wow I love them]

I pick Georgo Zinko of the Zenito route 

It’s not even a question of which character because it’s always been him

Anyone who can fit the word ‘genitals’ into an average conversation by mistake and still have it work is a hero

Plus he reminds me of Seven Of Nine (but not sexy) and that’s just playing on my childhood…

It makes me sad that I won’t be recruiting him the next time(s) I play, so I can get 100% completion… Then again, I never actually used him and he doesn’t talk much after, but I just liked knowing he was there, possibly talking to another member of my crew and making them feel awkward!

  • Though shout out to Poplo and Gadina. I don’t know why but I’ve always loved them? Maybe it’s just the extra scenes with them?? Gorilla woman
30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Day 6 - Least favourite character

[Internal screaming]

Wow this is really hard…

I want to say Camus, because he’s a wee ass bitch, but he brought about some of my favourite dialogue and I liked the way it was resolved so…

And I can’t say Panfilov because he brought about my favourite game so…

Can I say Galkin? Because I just remember not feeling much about him at all.

No, wait! Tats’ brother!

I pick him because he was so important to the story and then faded into the background!

Also wow it’s been ages since my last post but I will keep this up ughdg

izayummikiwi replied to your post: 30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Is that a BEEAARD?

Yes! I got it from an official youtube vid, some time between the end of chapter 8 and the start of chapter 9 but idk if it’s canon or not, those videos never seem to follow the game exactly…

Which is annoying!!

But yeah… Yuri had a beard for a bit.

And is imprisoned in a massive tower thing

30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Day 5 - Favourite character

This is totally unfair because I love them all. Seriously, I adore [almost] all the characters because they r perfct…


I’m going to be obvious and say Yuri

He looks so weak and you don’t think he’s capable of what he is, but then he surprises you and does something a little crazy but ifsdfjssd you totally get why. He subverts lots of tropes too, which is always refreshing.

I think what I most like about him is the way he treats the crew and how he’s a good man but will kill to get what he wants… And then I remember the way he treats Glorinda and I just sigh because he’s great.

It would have been Torlo (as my IS tag might tell you) but then Chapter 9 happened and his chin.

His damn chin


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30 Day Infinite Space Challenge


Day 4- Favorite moments/scenes

How about the whole damned game?

But oh god, so many.  Read More break here to hide the spoils.

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Iza, oh my god, I feel like I did really shit on my answer now!

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30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Day 4 - Favorite moments/scenes

The end of chapter 6

It hit me hard and I cried.

Even now “It’ll just be words” brings me out in goosebumps and I get that itch in my eyes that means I’m ready to cry

In fact that whole character brought about some pretty serious emotions.

30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Day 3 - What didn’t you like?

This’ll be short~

  • The fact that there’s only one image for each character, per stage in their life (Alik being the exception, getting 3)
  • How Alik looked in his ‘final stage’ (FISH EYE ///SCREAMS)
  • Melee
  • Melee
  • Melee (at least it’s only forced on you about 4-5 times, if you don’t count the pirate bases)
  • How easy it is to miss some recruitable characters
  • The fact that no one knows about it! Though I love everyone in the fandom. All three of us!
30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Day 2 -  What did you enjoy about it?

Oh wow, this will be a long post [I’ll keep it vaguely non-spoilery for those of you who haven’t played IS who are looking at this]


(Under a read more because jeez do I go on)

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30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Day 1-  Infinite Space is anything but well-known.  Where did you first hear about it?

I don’t think I did. I was in Game Station looking at the second hand games and there was a 2 for £20 offer on and Infinite Space happened to be in that offer.

I looked at the back and, well, I like rpgs, I like space and I liked the look of the art, so I picked it up. And I never looked back.

I wish now that I had just bought a first hand copy, but I wouldn’t have known to buy it first hand (and trying to find a first hand copy in a shop is impossible) so what can you do?

30 Day Infinite Space Challenge


30 Day Infinite Space Challenge

Day 1-  Infinite Space is anything but well-known.  Where did you first hear about it?

Day 2-  What did you enjoy about it?

Day 3-  What didn’t you like?

Day 4-  Favorite moments/scenes

Day 5-  Favorite character

Day 6-  Least favorite character

Day 7-  Favorite recruitable character

Day 8-  Character you wish you could have recruited

Day 9-  Character death that hit you the hardest

Day 10-  Favorite theme from the OST?

Day 11-  Which routes did you take, and why?  Which are your favorites?

Day 12-  Favorite pairing

Day 13-  Least favorite pairing

Day 14-  Headcanon(s)

Day 15-  Favorite villain

Day 16-  Least favorite villain

Day 17-  Saddest scenes

Day 18-  Funniest scenes/lines

Day 19-  Favorite ship in the game (the space kind, not the romantic kind)

Day 20-  Favorite ship design, in terms of appearance

Day 21-  Favorite mission/boss battle

Day 22-  Were there any parts of the story that you didn’t like?

Day 23-  Your reaction to the Overlords’ appearance in the final Chapter?

Day 24-  Opinions/thoughts/theories on the ending

Day 25-  Favorite nation/affiliation, and why

Day 26-  Least favorite nation/affiliation, and why

Day 27-  How you felt during the battle with Eremon

Day 28-  What was your reaction to the end of Act 1/start of Act 2?

Day 29-  What would you want in a sequel?

Day 30-  Final thoughts, ramblings, questions, etc.

Still haven’t bought a new battleship because I’m indecisive as all get out


I thought of a theory about the end

[Spoilers, yo’]

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